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Benidub DIGITAL ECHO - Dub Delay Effects Processor

  • $439.00

A delay / echo effects unit created as musical instrument, for live improvisation. DSP audio delay, multiplied, divided and modulated by dedicated knobs in real time, combined with analog overdrive and filters to shape delay tone and feedback.

  • 1.2 seconds to 70ms delay time range, 60Hz-18Khz bandwidth, 90dB signal to noise ratio.
  • Delay time continuously variable, or quantized in 8 subdivisions, expressed in BPM instead of milliseconds.
  • Loop, or infinite repeats mode.
  • Delay time modulation by LFO.
  • Analog sweep frequency High Pass and Low Pass Filters, 12db/oct.
  • Analog clipping stage / overdrive before digital conversion, adds color and avoids digital clip under any knob setting or input signal.
  • Balanced or unbalanced input and output, 1/4” TRS Jack connectors.

100V-240V External Power Supply included


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