Sixty Four Pixels - Orange Squeeze - MIDI Merge

Sixty Four Pixels

  • $109.00

Merge four MIDI inputs into one with this handy orange box!

ORANGE SQUEEZE is a 4-to-1 MIDI merger... MIDI data from the 4 inputs is combined into a single MIDI output.

The merge processing is carried out in firmware, so MIDI messages which arrive on different inputs at the same time are correctly queued and sent out in an orderly way. A typical use might be to allow multiple MIDI controllers to be used with a single synth or module, but there are many possible applications and an ORANGE SQUEEZE is a great addition to your MIDI gear box.

ORANGE SQUEEZE imposes minimal filtering on the input, which opens up some creative possibilities for craziness (like what happens if you merge notes from two different sequences on the same MIDI channel? what if you merge information from two pitch bend controls? etc.)

However, with great power comes great responsibility! it is up to you to make sure that you configure your sending devices appropriately so you don't end up with unwanted MIDI mayhem. In particular, make sure you keep all your MIDI data on different channels if you don't want it to clash.

There are a couple of things that ORANGE SQUEEZE does need to enforce, however:

MIDI clock ticks can only be received on the MAIN input. Clock input on inputs A, B and C is ignored, although you can still send other real-time messages (e.g. transport)
SYSEX messages must have exclusive use of the output, so messages from other inputs must wait until the SYSEX transfer completes.

ORANGE SQUEEZE has the following features:
  • Four optically isolated 5-pin DIN MIDI inputs; MAIN, A, B and C and a single 5-pin MIDI output (All inputs function the same, except for clock messages and firmware updates, which must use MAIN)
  • Red activity LEDs for each input, and blue LED for output, show when MIDI data is being passed.
  • Yellow status LED warns if any MIDI data is lost due to excessive data (see below)
  • Red power LED and 2.1mm barrel socket (accepts 9-12V DC with positive or negative tip, e.g. standard guitar pedal supply)
  • All cable entry from front panel allows mounting in a studio panel/flight case foam etc.
  • Firmware is updateable over MIDI
  • Laser cut acrylic case with laser etched acrylic face plate
  • Size approx 17.6cm x 5.5cm x 2.7cm
  • Approx weight 171g
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED and tested

** Come with a 9 V Power Adapter  **

  • Input: 100-240V 50/60HZ
  • Output rating: 9V DC @ 0.66A
  • Output connector (ID x OD): 2.1mm x 5.5mm female center negative plug
  • DC cord length: 6 feet
  • U.S. 2 Prong Plug

NOTE - MIDI has a fairly limited maximum data rate (32kbps). Since all the data from four MIDI input is merged into a single MIDI output, which has the same maximum data rate, it is possible to receive more data at the inputs than can be sent at the output. ORANGE SQUEEZE will queue up data to a point, but sustained high data rates could result in loss of some messages. ORANGE SQUEEZE will warn you of this by lighting the yellow status LED (It should be pretty unlikely for this to happen in practice)

Designed and hand assembled in Brighton, UK

Source code