Dubreq Stylophone BEAT


  • $39.95

Dubreq Stylophone BEAT

The Stylophone BEAT is a pocket-sized drum machine that lets you make fun beats and basslines any time, anywhere.

You don’t need to be a drummer to use it: it’s quick and easy to create drum & bass loops using four unique sound banks: ROK, TECHNO, HIPHOP & BEATBOX.

Just tap the built-in stylus on the circular beat pad, choose different drum kits and bass sounds, and record multiple layers on the fly for quick & quirky beat-making.

  • 4 drum kits, 4 bass sounds
  • Stay in time with click track & tempo lock
  • Record multiple layers and mute sounds
  • Built-in speaker with volume control
  • Connect any wired headphones 

Play by tapping and sliding the connected stylus on the touch-sensitive, circular beat pad. Each segment on the surface plays a different drum or bass sound from the four unique sound banks: ROK, TECHNO, HIPHOP & BEATBOX.. It’s easy to play, perfect for beginners and experienced musicians!

At less than 18cm wide, the Stylophone BEAT is portable, versatile and packed full of features. It runs on 3 x AA batteries, and features a built-in speaker and headphone socket – so you can play it everywhere you go.

Connect the Stylophone BEAT to your computer and other gear to enhance your sound possibilities! Use a 3.5mm Stereo cable to connect into the line input on your PC/Mac, and use your preferred software to record and manipulate your Stylophone BEAT sounds.

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