Cassette Collection ESP-Disk’ - Ornette Coleman : Town Hall 1962 - Limited Edition

Personal Affair

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ESP-Disk' Cassette Collection vol.3

Ornette Coleman "Town Hall 1962" - Limited Edition Cassette Album (PAESP-003)

Limited edition chrome cassette tape with special sleeve 

Side A.
1. Doughnut (9:28)
2. Sadness (4:20)
3. Dedication to Poets and Writers (9:17)

Side B.
4. The Ark (23:46)

Dolby: Yes


Personal Affair is proud to announce “ESP-Disk’ Cassette Collection,” an officially licensed release from the Brooklyn based legendary Jazz label, ESP-Disk’, founded by Bernard Stollman. This is the first cassette release of ESP's back catalogue. The third release (PAES-P003) from the collection is Ornette Coleman "Town Hall 1962" in a limited edition special packaging.

In 1961, trumpeter Don Cherry had left Coleman's band, and its membership morphed into this trio. The following year, Ornette, tired of receiving lower fees than white musicians drawing smaller crowds, tripled his fee. After the resulting booking drought, in December 1962, Coleman produced and recorded his own concert at Town Hall in New York City. For the next two years, he made no appearances other than informally sitting in on others' gigs on occasion. Thus, when ESP-Disk' acquired some of the tracks from the Town Hall concert (in return for legal work ESP owner Bernard Stollman had done for Coleman) and issued them in the label's first batch of releases in 1965, it was important documentation of Coleman's evolution since the end of his time on Atlantic Records. Not only was it the first recording of his trio with Izenzon and Moffett, who were extremely compatible with the leader's new direction, it also included Coleman's first classical composition, "Dedication to Poets and Writers" (played by a string quartet), which anticipated elements of its composer's later style.

Ornette Coleman: alto sax
David Izenzon: bass
Charles Moffett: drums

String Quartet on Track #3
Selwart Clarke: violin
Nathan Goldstein: violin
Julien Barber: viola
Kermit Moore: cello

Designed / Painting: Mari Ayabe & Namiko Ishikawa
Digital remastered: Hideyuki Waki (ConcentNY)


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