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Cassette Collection ESP-Disk’ - Albert Ayler: Bells Limited Edition

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ESP-Disk’ Cassette Collection
Albert Ayler : Bells Limited Edition

Release Date: 2/22/2019

ESP-Disk' Cassette Collection vol.11
Limited edition ferric tape (Normal) with Dolby, special sleeve
Digitally Mastered
Ferric Tape (Normal) / Dolby: YES

Side A: Bells (19:45)
Side B: Bells (19:45)

*Same material on both side

“Bells” is the celebrated set that overjoyed the audience at New York’s Town Hall on May 1st, 1965. It’s... a ferocious, twenty-minute romp containing excellent group improvisation and Ayler's signature military-themed melodies. The performance marks an important shift in Albert’s music: towards blurring the lines between composition and improvisation. It is also the debut recording of Charles Tyler.

Personnel: Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone; Donald Ayler, trumpet; Charles Tyler, alto saxophone; Lewis Worrell, bass; Sunny Murray, drums. Recorded live at Town Hall, New York City, May 1, 1965. Engineer: Richard Alderson
All compositions by Albert Ayler (Syndicore Music BMI)

Original Cover concept: Jordan Matthews; design: David Michalowski; art restoration: Paul Costuros

design & image by Mari Ayabe
mastered by Hideyuki Waki (ConcentNY)

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