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Baraclough - The Lampshade Is Not A Past Tense Cassette

The Tapeworm

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Cassette-only release in a limited-edition of 250 copies only. Baraclough are a London-based trio consisting of a classically-trained musician, a self-taught musician, and a non-musician. With a distinctive palette of woozy electronics, raw and processed recordings, combined with vocals and abstract sounds, Baraclough produce a unique aural aesthetic that is hypnotic yet agitating, intimate yet awkward. Since their inception in 2006, Baraclough have performed in a variety of bizarre locations such as a Kilburn rock pub and a former Turner Prize winner's stock cupboard. In March of 2009, Baraclough released their debut album Hello Animal on Forris, their audio publishing cooperative. Members of Baraclough include: Paul de Casparis, Dale Cornish, and Eddie Nuttall.

Track Listing:
01. Fire Exit Interior (14:57)
02. Your Physical Health (14:32)
03. What We Did And Didn't (15:24)