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Verbos Electronics Touchplate Keyboard - MeMe Antenna

Verbos Electronics Touchplate Keyboard

  • $799.00

In the great tradition of West Coast synthesis, the Verbos Electronics Touchplate Keyboard is a gold plated controller with 3 independent sections for sending control voltage signals. First is a 32 key volt/oct trimmed piano arrangement with 3 octave selects. It has an output for pitch CV, pressure (actually a measurement of the surface area of the finger touching the key), gate and 10ms trigger. Second is a pressure sensitive up/down bender that can be used to bend the VCO or anything that needs bending. Finally, an 8 key tunable keyboard with CV pressure and gate outputs. The Keyboard can be powered from normal Euro power or an external 9-15 volt positive tip DC supply, for use with un-power skiffs.

• 84HP
• 120mA +12

- Optional AC Adapter for Powering the keyboard externally -
AC Adapter 12V 500mA