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Unit Portables OP-1 Soft Case Black - MeMe Antenna

Unit Portables OP-1 Soft Case Black

Teenage Engineering

  • $59.00

Custom made for OP-1 (Colors: Black)

Carry it. The OP-1 Carrying case can be used as is, with a Strap Kit or snapped to our Unit 01 Shoulder Bag so that you can mix and match to bring all your other stuff with you if needed. Your computer, your pens, your dit and your dat… Design your bag to fit your needs. That's the beauty of Unit Portables.

Storage. Unit 11 comes with one extra pocket, Unit 12, designed for your cables or other stuff you may need when you are on the road for that important gig. And if in need for even more storage, just throw in a Unit 13 additional pocket.

The inside of the case is built up with protective memory form to pamper your synthesizer. Two elastic straps secure that is stays in place, also when you're on the move.