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Todd Sines - Descend EP

Opak records Alkyle

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Opak records alkyle series is a indépendant music label owned by Seq9 & Eeror303.

The music selected on the label is a melting pot between Techno, House, Minimal, Chicago, Détroit, Electro, Pop, Uk funky and Abstrakt Hiphop.

Since 1988, Todd Sines has released experimental house, techno, electro and post punk on Carl Craig's Planet E, Daniel Bell's 7th City, Andy Vaz's YORE + Background Records, Titonton Duvanté's Residual, Archetyp's 21/22 Corp, Dego's Reflective UK, in addition to Frankie, Circus company, Philpot, Morris Audio, Rawax, Moto Music and many more. In addition to music, he's also an accomplished director, photographer and designer, working with Sisley, V Magazine, GE, Nokia, Express, DVF, HBO, and The Weinstein Co.

On this Ep we have three cuts of modular goodness that each bring a different flavor to the party or the after hour .

For home & club listeners

ARTIST: Todd Sines 
TITLE: Descend 
LABEL/CAT: Opak records Alkyle / ORAS003