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Tiptop Audio Z-DSP VC-Digital Signal Processor - MeMe Antenna

Tiptop Audio Z-DSP VC-Digital Signal Processor

  • $500.00

* Free Patch Cables (pack 5) *
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The Z-DSP is an open-source, cartridge-based, digital sound processing and generating platform for your modular synthesizer. The Z-DSP has a stereo DSP Processor with 24-bit sampling, 15Khz of bandwidth, smooth voltage controlled parameters, and has the ability to be programmed - all in a Eurorack format. While the Z-DSP cannot compare with the processing power found on personal computers, it does provide direct control of the DSP hardware and has a unique set of features aimed at the manipulation of digital effects. With the Z-DSP, digital audio can be bent, stretched, deformed, and distorted by interacting with your modules; something personal computer just can't do.

The Z-DSP interface includes VC digital parameters, VC Mix/Dry, manual and sequential program switching, and a pair of VC feedback loop paths with exposed patch points that let you insert the rest of your modular into the DSP process. The Z-DSP lets you go far beyond ordinary processing, breaking the rules and allowing you to patch right into the heart of the DSP chip through the clock input, allowing for some digital madness and creative sound design.

Z-DSP is sold with the Dragonfly Delay cartridge

The Dragonfly Delay is a collection of 8 Voltage Controlled time-based, delay algorithms in mono and stereo. This collection includes delays, ping-pongs, multi-taps, and polyrhythmic madness with a variety of controls. Feedback, delay time, L/R ratio, and tap level are all under voltage control, waiting to bend time and space to create a dynamic stereo image. Those familiar with the sound of tape echo will find the Dragonfly Delay especially appealing - VC will let you turn the soft, smooth and silk into the warble of decades ago.

The Dragonfly is more than just a collection of pristine delay lines under VC. When used in combination with the Z-DSP's dynamic clocking, the Dragonfly Delay will simultaneously bend time, pitch shift, and squash the sample rate, creating complex effects that only the Z-DSP is capable of. Combining analog and digital feedback will make the Dragonfly scream on its own, adding new color to your sonic palette. The Dragonfly is one of the most interesting sets of algorithm offered for the Z-DSP platform and comes bundled with it.

The Dragonfly Delay contains the following algorithms:
  • Program 1: Mono Delay with Low Pass Filter on Feedback
  • Program 2: Stereo Ping-pong
  • Program 3: Stereo Delay with Independent Time per Channel
  • Program 4: Stereo Delay with Independent Feedback per Channel
  • Program 5: 3 Taps Stereo Delay Line (25% Feedback)
  • Program 6: 3 Taps Stereo Delay Line (75% Feedback)
  • Program 7: Stereo In/Out Polyrhythm
  • Program 8: Mono In/Stereo Out Polyrhythm

Z-DSP Specifications:

Control Knobs
  • Three Digital Parameters
  • Gain Input Left
  • Gain Input Right
  • Feedback Input Left
  • Feedback Input Right
  • Mix Dry/Wet
  • VC-DSP1
  • VC-DSP2
  • VC-DSP3
  • Audio IN Left
  • AUdio In Right
  • Feedback IN Left
  • Feedback IN Right
  • VC-Feedback Left
  • VC-Feedback Right
  • DSP Clock IN
  • Program Switch Trigger
  • VC-Program Select
  • Program Select Direction
  • VC-MIX

  • Audio Left
  • Audio Right
  • Feedback Left
  • Feedback Right

Electrical Specifications
  • Audio Level IN - 10Vpp DC Coupled
  • Audio Level OUT - 10VP DC Enabled
  • Power: +/-12V or +/-15V
  • Current: +12V@130mA -12V@36mA

Mechanical Specifications
  • Format: Eurorack
  • Width: 28HP
  • Depth - 59mm/2"

DSP Specifications
  • AD/DA: 24bit
  • Speed: 6MIPS
  • RAM: 32K
  • THD@1kHz - 0.015%

Download Z-DSP Manual Here