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Tim Kuhl - Sky Valley LP

Flying Moonlight

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Tim Kuhl - Sky Valley LP (Flying Moonlight, 2018)

"Sky Valley" merges elements of jazz (modern, traditional, and improvisation) with ‘80s synths and electronic modern pop sounds, Kuhl delves deep into a cinematic score space, mining tonal influences from films by David Lynch, John Carpenter, Michael Mann, Brian DePalma, and Nicolas Winding Refn, as well as composer Vangelis (Bladerunner) and painter Francis Bacon.

Composed on the road, like his previous release, this time between touring stops with renowned singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy, Kuhl brought his compositions home to Brooklyn where he wove in verses and vocals from Geoffrey Bankowski (Quietus) and punkish Australian showgirl Anna Copa Cabanna.

"Kuhl orchestrates his ‘80s instrumentals to a fiery crescendo fueled by post-rock and all the epic drama of the big screen". – Cameron Carr, The Deli