Torso Electronics - T-1 Algorithmic Sequencer

Torso Electronics

  • $599.00

Torso Electronics - T-1 Algorithmic Sequencer 

A new approach to sequencing

T-1 uses a set of parameter driven algorithms with musical constraints that allows for dynamic hands-on control on every aspect of the composition. It lets you dive deep in musical exploration, and create ever-surprising musical structures.

By rethinking how you interact with sequencers, we’ve created an approach where the composition is sculpted with a set of parameters. Much like you would sculpt a sound on a synth. The interface enables a fluent and evolving workflow of modulating melodies and rhythms.


Feature overview

Create Euclidean rhythms, add repeating notes, make arpeggiating patterns and melodic structures
Add random modulation to every parameter of each track. The randomness can be locked into loops, giving you more control
Change the musical feel by changing the timing and accent of the notes.
Build chords on the 16 polyphonic tracks. Scroll though harmonies and lock notes into musical scales.
T-1 has 16 banks, with 16 patterns in each bank – a total of 256 patterns are always readily available


  • Euclidean rhythm generator (w. step editing)
  • Advanced note repeater / arpeggiator
  • Melody generator
  • 7 musical scales + 1 user scale per track
  • Harmonic pitch control
  • Random modulation on every parameter


  • 16 tracks per pattern
  • 16 MIDI channels
  • Polyphony on every track

Patterns and banks

  • 16 patterns per bank
  • 16 banks

User Interface

  • 18 endless rotary encoders
  • 23 multicolor keypad buttons


  • USB C (midi/power)
  • MIDI in / out / thru (TRS type A, 3.5mm)
  • CV & gate i/o
  • Ableton Link (WiFi)


  • Matte black aluminium casing
  • Dimensions: L:304, W:114, H:39mm (11.9”, 4.5”, 1.5″)
  • (including knobs and rubber feet)
  • Weight: 815g (1.8 lbs)

Included in the box

  • 1 x T-1
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x MIDI adapter (type A)

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