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Synthrotek Power Lunch - Powered with 5V


  • $184.99

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If you're hungry for modular, Power Lunch is on the menu.

The perfect size for a voice or for an effects system to augment a keyboard/guitar.

Power Lunch. Ain't no snack.

Power Features:

  • Power output:
    • 3.25A at +12V
    • 500mA at -12V
    • 1.5A at +5V
  • Eleven 16-pin shrouded keyed connectors
  • Extensive power self-protection shut down features
  • Power brick included

Case Features:
  • Removable lid held in by grenade-style hinge pins - stands up on its own!
  • 3U + 1U, 44HP
  • Fits as a carry-on with any airline
  • Max module depth with power: 2.25 inches (5.7cm), without power: 2.8 inches (7.1cm)
  • Lid Depth: 1 inch (2.5cm)
  • Weight: 4 pounds (1.81kg) (not including brick)
  • Outside Dimensions: 10.8 x 9.8 x 4.8 inches (27.4 x 24.9 x 12.2cm)
  • 2.5mm slide nuts and screws included
  • Rugged ABS construction, waterproof

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