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Synthrotek MST Voltage Controlled LFO Kit

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-- Eurorack Module Kit (not Assembled) --

MST Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator is another tiny, useful module packed to the gills with features. Manual and CV control over rate with 3 discrete waveform outputs. A square wave can be used to clock modules such as our Noise, Sample & Hold module. Great for creating vibrato, tremolo or other classic modulation techniques. Great for frequency modulation, especially when connected to the MST analog VCO.

- Voltage Control rate input with attenuator control
- Manual rate control
- Slew/Symmetry control
- Positive and negative LED indicators
- Square, triangle and sine wave outputs

- Manual range: Approx 51 Second to Approx 102 Hz
- Time with Max range, +5V CV: 1,450Hz
- Time with Max range, -5V CV: 1 Hz
- Time with Min range, +5V CV: 2 Hz
- Time with Min range, -5V CV: 1.5 Hours
- Skew range, all waveforms: 14% to 86%
- Current draw: V+ max 11.75mA, V- max 12.2mA
- Width: 4HP, Depth: 4.77 cm (1.88 in)

Assembly Instructions
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Capacitor and Resistor Lookup Guide