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Synthrotek MST Dual 2164 AC/DC VCA Kit

  • $84.99

-- Eurorack Module Kit (not Assembled) --

The MST Dual 2164 VCA is a precision AC (audio) & DC (gate triggers or control voltage) Voltage Controlled Amplifier in 6HP. Each channel has a linear or exponential response switch, the exponential resulting in a “poppier” response. Adjustable output level and bleed if you want to mix in your unaffected source audio. Butters your toast all the way to the edge.

- Two identical VCA circuits
- Capable of AC and DC signal processing
- Linear and Exponential response select switch
- CV input (1:1 input-output ratio at 5VDC CV input)
- Signal Input
- CV 1 normalled to CV 2
- Signal 1 normalled to Signal 2
- Bleed level adjustment per channel

- Current draw: V+ max 20mA, V- max 17.5mA
- Width: 6HP
- Depth: 3.5 cm (1.75 in)

Assembly Instructions
Bill of Materials
Capacitor and Resistor Lookup Guide