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Sunflower Bean - Human Ceremony (Cassette) - MeMe Antenna

Sunflower Bean - Human Ceremony (Cassette)

Burger Records

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Sunflower Bean - Human Ceremony Cassette

Listening to the debut album from Brooklyn trio Sunflower Bean is a bit like flipping through some smart stoner's impeccably refined record collection. All the correct drone-rock references are present: the Velvet Underground at their beachiest, the Autobahn liftoff of vintage Seventies Kraut-rock, the Eighties drug-punk of Spaceman 3, recent garage-grind aesthetes like Ty Segall, and the entire college-jangle canon from early R.E.M. to the Smiths to Real Estate and beyond. Sunflower Bean take these influences and shape them like Silly Putty into sweet, ingenious psych-pop songs that are more economical and compact than you'd expect from a band whose hottest tune is called "Wall Watcher." "What do you do when you're stuck between days?" singer-bassist Julia Cumming wonders at one point. The answer: You cut through the malaise with curt little tunes that refuse to sit still.