CD: Sun Ra remix album: The Heliocentric vol.1

Personal Affair

  • $10.00

PACD-001: Sun Ra remix album: The Heliocentric vol.1 CD

100 Limited Edition CD
Silk Screen on recycled Digipack CD jacket by local printer

Personal Affair is proud to announce the official licensed remix album from "The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Vol. 1”. We have been fortunate to collaborate with the legendary ESP-Disk' for some time, so we very excited to assemble a collection that paired this influential music with the label’s friends and longtime music partners. For this special project each artist interpreted, reconstructed and expressed their own audio-vision to bring Sun Ra’s composition to the contemporary world.

Track List

  1. Eric Hoegemeyer / Dancing in the Sun (abstract)
  2. AZZURRO / Heliocentric (hip hop)
  3. Dubblestandart / Dreamcatcher Dub (dub, reggae)
  4. Mono Empathy / Other Worlds (noise, experimental)
  5. Loop Diary / Sun vs Dub (ambient dub)
  6. Champagne Sequins / Outer Nothingness (abstract modular)
  7. Takuya Nakamura / The Mystery Road, Egypt to Ethiopia (break beats / dance)
  8. SSP / The Cosmos (ambient noise)
  9. Black Crystal Fuck Wolf / Sun Drums and Albert Hums (drone / noise)


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