Cassette PACT-007 - Sun Ra remix album: The Heliocentric vol.1

Personal Affair

  • $11.00

Release: 10/20/17

Personal Affair is proud to announce the official licensed remix album from "The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Vol. 1”. We have been fortunate to collaborate with the legendary ESP-Disk' for some time, so we very excited to assemble a collection that paired this influential music with the label’s friends and longtime music partners. For this special project each artist interpreted, reconstructed and expressed their own audio-vision to bring Sun Ra’s composition to the contemporary world.

Dolby: Yes

Side A
A1. Eric Hoegemeyer / Dancing in the Sun (abstract)
A2. AZZURRO / Heliocentric (hip hop)
A3. Dubblestandart / Dreamcatcher Dub (dub, reggae)
A4. Mono Empathy / Other Worlds (noise, experimental)
A5. Loop Diary / Sun vs Dub (ambient dub)

B1. Champagne Sequins / Outer Nothingness (abstract modular)
B2. Takuya Nakamura / The Mystery Road, Egypt to Ethiopia (break beats / dance)
B3. SSP / The Cosmos (ambient noise)
B4. Black Crystal Fuck Wolf / Sun Drums and Albert Hums (drone / noise)

Graphics : Namiko Ishikawa & Mari Ayabe
Mastered : Hideyuki Waki (ConcentNY)
Special Thanks : Steve Holtje

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