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soundmachines - NS1nanosynth

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The NS1nanosynth is a full featured, minimal size, analog modular synthesizer integrated with an Arduino Leonardo (TM) platform. Out of the box the Arduino is programmed with a USB MIDI to CV firmware that you can use to control your NS1 with your PC/MAC or iPAD etc...

The NS1nanosynth employs a plethora of analog modules to allow complex soundscape creation, instruments analog emulation, and noise/hardcore/annoying stuff.

With its full analog signal path, that includes a 1V/oct multi waveforms VCO, a 12dB/oct lowpass and bandpass resonant VCF and a overdrivable standard exponential response VCA, the NS1 could be used alone or integrated with other instruments, circuits and devices, to build an articulated modular patch, augmented by the potential 'virtual modules' that you can code on the Arduino.

A great feature of the architecture of the NS1nanosynth is the ribbon controller with the hold function, that could allow you to use the synth without any external controller, making it a really ultra portable modular synth!

The NS1nanosynth additionally contains the following modules: two dual waveform LFOs, one loopable ADSR envelope, two attenuators, two pot controllers and a dozen “micro” modules like mixers, multiples, sample and hold, sum/sub blocks, inverters, logic or, and, nand, analog voltage dividers, clock dividers, fixed voltage generators and several ‘sensor blocks’.

Download the manual here: NS1nanosynth manual 1.0

Official Product Page Here