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soundmachines - LP1 lightplane

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The LP1 is a three-dimensional CV generator and recorder with possibility to sync the playback to a gate input.

The matrix is sensible to X,Y and pressure (Z) outputting those control voltages to three jacks.

Voltage range on the outputs is selectable by jumpers to 5V or 10V (both unipolar).
In normal operations a GATE signal is generated (and recorded) whenever the user puts the finger on the matrix area.

By pressing the REC button the module records the movements of the finger on the surface and plays it in loop when the REC button is released.

It is possible to stop and play again the sequence recorded. There are two modes of operation: HIGH DEFINITION, whereas only the X-Y channel are recorded or TRIAXIAL where all the three channels are recorded.

The former have a sampling time of 18ms and the latter is double.

In GATE IN operations, the GATE socket works as a SYNC signal that re-triggers the playback of the sequence from the first sample.