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Scientist - Scientific DUB LP

Clocktower Records

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Scientist - Scientific DUB LP

Cat: LPCT 0119

"A virtual wizard of the mixing desk, Overton H Brown has been one of the key figures in dub since the late 1970s. Getting his start as a teenager at King Tubby's legendary studio in Waterhouse, Brown was known as 'The Scientist' because his imaginative approach to the mixing desk and electronic gadgetry seemed to derive from magical powers that linked him to some intangible, futuristic realm."

A1: Drum Song Dub:
A2: Keep A Good Dub Rubbing:
A3: Taxi To Baltimore Dub:
A4: Satta Dread Dub     
A5: Every Dub Shall Scrub     
B1: Blacka Shade Of Dub     
B2: Bad Days Dub     
B3: East Of Scientist Corner (II Pieces)     
B4: Just Say Dub... Who     
B5: Words Of Dub:

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