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Prince Rupert’s Drops - Run Slow (Cassette)

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Prince Rupert's Drops - Run Slow (Limited Edition Cassette Store Day Cassette)

On their intoxicating debut studio album, Run Slow, Prince Rupert's Drops turn in an impressive collection of songs that combine heady psychedelia ("Pillar To Post" and the deliciously disorienting title track) with scrappy, infectious late '60s-era garage rock ("Almond Man" and "This Evening's Arms"), trippy folk ("The Fortress") and jangly Technicolor pop laced with heavenly harmonies ("Plague Ride").

Driven by hypnotic, stabbing, angular electric guitar leads and otherworldly vocals that often threaten to drift off into the atmosphere like a cold morning fog, the bulk of these eight tracks are somehow all held together by a musical dynamic that is as tight as it is loose. While the album may be all over the map - sonically, vocally and stylistically, it's because of this that it feels so real, so organic, and so damn inspiring.