Personal Alarm: Portable Panic Button + Led Light - Rose Gold


  • $19.99

Portable Panic Button + Led Light - Rose Gold

Personal Alarm
Panic Button + LED Light 

Bonus Items
Breakaway Lanyard
Mini 3-in-1 Screwdriver

Easy To Use Panic Button
LED Flashlight + Emergency Blinking Light
Replaceable Batteries
Extended Battery Life Upgrade To 60 Minutes of Total Usage

  • Very loud 130 dB alarm/siren to immediately draw attention for any emergency situation
  • Safe and easy to use, for adults and children – simply double-tap panic button to activate alarm
  • Designed to be robust and lightweight, yet elegant
  • It’s the perfect companion for all activities, including walking, hiking, camping, field trips, running, nights out, and a must-have as part of an emergency roadside kit
  • TSA approved and airport friendly
  • Secret bonus alarm activation feature

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