Night Vision : A Field Guide to Your Dreams

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Night Vision
A Field Guide to Your Dreams

Theresa Cheung, illustrations by Lea Chassagne

  • Combines traditional dream-dictionary type entries with useful advice on how to take advantage of your dreams for creativity, problem-solving, and well-being
  • Includes practical tips on dream environments, lucid dreaming, and how to remember your dreams
  • Theresa Cheung is a respected authority in the field of dream interpretation

Night Vision is a visual field guide to the richly rewarding art of dream interpretation. Have you ever dreamt that you were flying? That you missed your flight? Or that you got a radical new haircut? Begin by learning the techniques, including getting a good night’s sleep, recalling your dreams and understanding the symbolic language through which they unfold. Then you can start interpreting: over 50 common dream themes are explained with beautiful accompanying illustrations. Understand what your mind is telling you when you’re asleep, and you’ll unlock your true potential when you’re awake. Night Vision holds the answers.

144 pages
36 illustrations
Size: 198 x 137 mm
ISBN: 9781786277237