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MFB SEQ-01 Pro Used


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Condition: Used.

Tested and works.

* M-Bus function has not been tested. 

Sold As Is. 


MFB SEQ-01 Pro

  • Drum-Sequencer with up to 32 Steps
  • 8 Trigger- andCV-outs
  • MIDI in and M-Bus out
  • 48 memory stores


Suitable to our drum-modules we concipated the rhythm specialized SEQ-01 Pro sequencer.
The SEQ-01 Pro stores 48 patterns with each up to 32 steps. A pattern contains up to 64 tracks (16 via patches, 48 via M-Bus) and offer an A- and B-Part who can build a chain.
Start/Stop and Tempo (Clock) is accessable directly on the module and can be triggered by gate signals or be remoted by MIDI. Internal Start/Stop and Clock can control other devices as master too.
Beside drums the SEQ-01 Pro can trigger and control all Gate&CV options in a modular system like Sample&Hold, Switches, Clock-Divider/Sequencer, Logic-Modules, Envelopes and so far. For example: usually straight triggered S&H or Clock-Divider can be rhythmic by the SEQ-01 Pro's step programming.
The module owns the new developed M-Bus interface. It allows to transmit additionally 16 Trigger signals and 32 CV Voltages as controller values to modules who provide M-Bus too. Keep in mind, M-Bus allows way faster speed than MIDI and minimize patches on your modular system!
Older or modules without M-Bus can be connected with additional 8 regular Trigger and CV Outs.
Module width: 20HP (horizontal pitch), equals 100mm