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MFB Digital Delay - MeMe Antenna

MFB Digital Delay


  • $159.00

The digital delay module is a CV-controlled digital echo with delay times of approx. 2 ms to 4 seconds.
The circuit comes from the MEGAZWERG has been improved in some points.
The audio signal is connected to the "In" socket and is connected to the "Out" socket, depending on the mix control (left, right, delay on the right). The "In" control can be used to limit the signal. The LED indicates an overdrive.
The delay time is set using the Time slider and can be modulated via the CV Time input.
The input signal can be frozen with the "Freeze" switch or with a positive voltage at the "Freeze In".
If the "Time" knob is set to max. , the input voltage at CV Time is approx. 1V / Oct and the range comprises 4 octaves.
With the "Range" knob, the delay can be changed in roughly in time steps. The Feedback control adjusts the amount of signal feedback. Via the jacks FB Send and FB Return, the feedback signal can be tapped separately, routed to another module or an external effect device and fed back into the delay.

The module is compatible with the Doepfer A-100 modular system in design and bus power supply.
The current consumption is +/- 30 mA. The module has a width of 8 HP (unit units) = 40 mm.

  • CV controllable DIgital Delay with delay time from 2ms to 4000ms.
  • Freeze function
  • FX insert for using other gear for shaping the delay
  • Feedback up to endless