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Metallic Edged Memo Pads - Copper Square


  • $24.00

Metallic Edged Memo Pads - Copper Square

The art of the bon mot is alive and well, but there’s no need to relegate it to texts and tweets. Our Color-Edged Memo Pads make the perfect frame for casual love notes, shopping lists, urgent reminders and to-do lists. Slip a daily brain-teaser into your child’s lunchbox or a line of poetry into your partner’s packed suitcase. A few chevron upchoice words on a color-slicked slip of paper is a memorable gesture in a world of impermanence.

Our extremely memorable memo pads are edged in a variety of metallics and one solid color. They come in three modular sizes that efficiently stack together to create different compositions. Available in shiny copper foil edge, silver foil edge, gold foil edge and matte nude pink edge. The top edge has a black glue spine.

  • Small square 4.35" x 4.35"
  • 375 sheets of paper per pad