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Low-Gain Electronics UTL-1 - MeMe Antenna

Low-Gain Electronics UTL-1

Low-Gain Eletronics

  • $89.00

The UTL-1 is a passive* 10 channel bi-directional Banana Jack <=> 1/8" (3.5mm) format jumbler. With the ability to work with every format of modular that uses banana or 3.5mm jacks. The UTL-1 comes in handy when interfacing different modular systems together. Just connect the ground jack (black jack located on the side of of the UTL-1) to your banana modular systems power supply ground jack and you're ready to go!

*this unit is passive and does not perform
any voltage/level scaling/offsets

Built from the same die cast aluminum enclosures used for boutique effects pedals, the UTL-1 is built like a tank and can take a beating.