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Low-Gain Electronics SubMix6 - MeMe Antenna

Low-Gain Electronics SubMix6

Low-Gain Eletronics

  • $199.00

Back by popular demand, the SubMix6 is an improved connect over the original SubMix7. Featuring 6 active/buffered inputs, with linear attenuators, with two dedicated mix outputs labeled A and B and one dedicated SubMix output labeled AB.

Mix options: (Available Simultaneously)
(2) 3 inputs x 1 output x (1) submix output
(1) 6 inputs x 1 output

Half the functionality of the original SubMix in less than 1/4th of the size!!

The SubMix6 was designed with the intention of sub-mixing the waveform outputs from VCO's. Passive mixers tend to functioned more like waveform "on/off" switches with little in between for mixing options. With active inputs the load on the summing bus stays constant and you get smoother/more gradual mix regardless of the load on the input.

The SubMix6 is CV and Audio friendly, keeping in mind you will have offset/clipping if you use the submit output of mixers that are mixing Ac & DC signals at the same time. You can also take advantage of the submit output and play around with feedback loops!

Width: 8HP