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Low-Gain Electronics Control Voltage Processor (CVP-1) - MeMe Antenna

Low-Gain Electronics Control Voltage Processor (CVP-1)

Low-Gain Eletronics

  • $199.00

The Control Voltage Processor has two 3 channel auxiliary send banks (one input to three output active mults with bipolar attenuators). It has the ability to process both audio or control voltages. The CVP-1 has 100% true bipolar attenuators! What does that mean? Simple… 0 bleed when the knob is set in the middle.

An added feature is the Mix section.
On outputs 3A and 3B of each of the aux send banks, there is a dedicated SUM and OR output. The allows you to do some really cool voltage processing.

Some basic functions of this module:
- Actively multiply a signal output of something such as a CV sequencer or EG output and feed it to 3 potential sources with bipolar attenuation.
- Combining 2 CV sources via the SUM & OR outputs to create complex control voltage signals.
- 2 Channel Active Mixer
- And more!!
* Passive OR output will supply only positive going waveforms/signals.

Width: 8HP