Plasma Ball 6"


  • $35.00

Plasma balls are filled with mini lightning bolts that arc toward your fingers when you touch the surface.

An entertaining way to light up a child's room.

Fun Facts

The Plasma Ball is powered by a Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil emits a high frequency, high voltage electromagnetic field. This energy causes nearby gasses to glow.

The electric arcs are heated when the heated up, speeding atoms collide and throw off electrons.

Placing your hand near the glass of the Plasma Ball offers an attractive place for the displaced energy to flow.

In 1984, Nikola Tesla received a patent for his Incandescent Electric Light which is the basic design for today's plasma ball. Tesla invented this light as a way of studying high voltage phenomena.

The actual plasma ball that is solid today was invented in 1970 by Bill Parker while he was a student at MIT.

Runs on a/c. For ages 8+