Kit-Cat Klock - Bengal Tiger (Exotic Pet Collection)

California Clock Company

  • $99.99

Kit-Cat Klock - Bengal Tiger (Exotic Pet Collection) (15.5" high)

Welcome to the Exotic Pet Collection! This Zebra Kit-Cat is ready for adoption. Bring him home today for a little walk on the wild side with Kit-Cat! Read more below about the special markings on these clocks.

Exotic Pet Kit-Cats are dipped in premium hydrographic patterns, resulting in slightly different markings with every clock. This makes each clock one of a kind, just like the real animals they represent! After purchasing and receiving this clock, you can re-visit our website to create a custom adoption certificate, naming your clock and specifying a select charity for donation by California Clock Company.

This Original size Kit-Cat Klock stands 15.5” tall, head to tail. His rolling eyes, wagging tail, and contagious smile are sure to bring joy, laughter, and memories to any room. Kit-Cat Klocks® have been made in America exclusively by the California Clock Company since 1932.

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