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Holy Tunics - Hot To Trot Cassette - MeMe Antenna

Holy Tunics - Hot To Trot Cassette

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Holy Tunics - Hot To Trot

Romantic & scuzzy alt-guitar jangle kings that will make fans of The Feelies, Dinosaur Jr., and all things '90's feel warm and fuzzy inside
"On March 27, these unheralded New Yorkers scored an opening slot at Warsaw with great Scots Teenage Fanclub. And though that might turn the eyes of other bands green with envy, Hot (throwback cassette and bandcamp download) makes abundantly clear how much that was thoroughly earned on merit. Although several tunes date to 2015’s rougher-recorded Notes From Captivity Pt. 2, Holy Tunics have streamlined them with energetic, smoother yet punchy production and playing that reinforces their hooky guitar-pop heroics. The Nick Rogers-led group are like the still-at-it Feelies’ coolly relentless, expanding-on-a-note riffing and The dBs’ melodics (with friendly singing like The Cyrkle and Mazarin, to mix decades), making them a louder rockin’ answer to EZTV, DIIV, Hoops, Horsebeach, and other nimble, buzzing popsters who should join a Fannies bill someday as a bucket list goal. “Hot to Trot” and the dashing “Forget Your Love” stand out on a polished yet forceful six-song gem fans of the aforementioned should hear."
-Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover, Issue #80