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Gordon Hempton / Earth Sounds - Earth’s Morning Song (Cassette) - MeMe Antenna

Gordon Hempton / Earth Sounds - Earth’s Morning Song (Cassette)

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From 1991, Field Recording Cassette Tape. New and shielded.

Earth's Morning Song: As the Earth spins, a wave of birdsong is lifted off the landscape by the rising Sun. Journey around the world and experience sunrise at seventeen locations on six continents. Enjoy a wide variety of natural sound environments including: Rainforests, Seashores, Tropical Islands, Desert Oasis, and Mountain Peaks.

Gordon Hempton is an award-wining natural-sound recording artist, dedicated to preserving nature's pure sound without studio alterations. In addition to profiles on CBS with Charles Kuralt, NBC, NPR, and PBS documentary, numerous features about the artist and his unique art have appeared in major newspapers, magazines, and radio stations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.