Cassette Collection ESP-Disk’ - Milford Graves : Percussion Ensemble - Limited Edition

Personal Affair

  • $11.00

ESP-Disk' Cassette Collection vol.4

Milford Graves "Percussion Ensemble" Limited Edition Cassette Tape (PAESP-004-L)

Limited edition chrome cassette tape with special sleeve

Side A.
1. Nothing 5-7 (2:37)
2. Nothing 11-10 (6:24)
3. Nothing 19 (7:31)

Side B.
1. Nothing 13 (5:16)
2. Nothing (11:52)

Dolby: Yes

Personal Affair is proud to announce “ESP-Disk’ Cassette Collection,” an officially licensed release from the Brooklyn based legendary Jazz label, ESP-Disk’, founded by Bernard Stollman. This is the first cassette release of ESP's back catalogue. The 4th release (PAES-P004) from the collection is Milford Graves "Percussion Ensemble" in a limited edition special packaging.


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