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Dreadbox NYX - Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer

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The NYX is an analog synthesizer with various patching options. It's 100% analog (except for the Midi interface and the reverb effect) and 100% handmade, only with Through Hole components. It's a versatile synth machine, capable of producing some huge bass sounds, piercing leads and great ambience! Advanced synthesis knowledge is required to successfully use the NYX.


  • Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer
  • Unique Reverb Effect by Crazy Tube Circuits (as found on Splash Mk3)
  • 2 x VCO with separate glide controls
  • Dual State Variable 24 or 12dB / oct Filter
  • Triangle wave LFO
  • Triple Unique Envelope Generator (can be used as an LFO)
  • Unique Routing control (allows open architecture)
  • 15 patches for an astonishing Modular experience:
  • CV Outputs: VCO2 direct wave out with attenuation control,
  • Envelope 1 , Envelope 2 (with attenuation), Modulation Wheel, Gate, Midi to CV
  • CV Inputs: Osc1 Frequency, Osc2 Frequency, VCF Cut off (for both filters),VCF Cut off (post for the 2nd filter), VCO1 PW, Gate, CV, VCA

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