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Doepfer A-100P6 Suitcase Black (PSU3)


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The A-100 suitcase is made of black coated wood with aluminium extrusions with the rail construction fixed to the other parts of the suitcase. Attention! It is not simply an empty wooden case that covers the standard 6HU frame but a completely independent construction that is not based on the 6HU standard frame. It is not possible to convert a standard 6HU frame into the suitcase version !

The two bus boards and the standard power supply are mounted at the rear panel. Consequently the rear panel cannot be removed.

outside: approx. 460 x 330 x 175 mm, without cover and rubber feet
outside: approx. 460 x 340 x 220 mm, with cover and rubber feet
inside: 2 x 84 HP x 3 U, usable depth for A-100 modules: approx. 70 mm in the power supply area (bottom right), resp. approx. 100 mm in the remaining area (measured from inner side of the front panel until end of the pc board of the module)

Electrical specifications:
* A-100PSU3
mains voltage: 100 - 240V
output voltages/current: 2000mA@+12V, 1200mA@-12V and additional +5V with 4000mA
number of bus boards: 2
*rear mounted power switch*