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Doepfer A-100LC6 Low Cost Case 6U (PSU3)


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This is an economical version of the A-100 suitcase. It is made very simple without front cover, without the metal rails and corners of the suitcase version.

The case is made of raw wood without laquering. By default it's available with the mains inlet located at the rear panel (same as V2 of the standard suitcase). The case can be varnished by the customer in any desired color e.g. by means of a spray can

outside: approx. 445 x 275 x 160 mm
inside: 2 x 84 HP x 3 U (two bus boards), useable depth for A-100 modules: approx. 80 mm in the power supply area (bottom right), resp. approx. 110 mm in the remaining area (measured from inner side of the front panel until end of the pc board of the module)

Electrical specifications:
* A-100PSU3
mains voltage: 100 - 240V
output voltages/current: 2000mA@+12V, 1200mA@-12V and additional +5V with 4000mA