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Do Earth - Healing strategies for humankind

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Do Earth - Healing strategies for humankind

Do Earth is a timely handbook about climate change and the steps we need to take towards collective action and soul-enriching consciousness. Environmental activist, Tamsin Omond guides the reader through three parts: Self (where we are now), Community (what we need to do) and Earth (where we need to go). As much about personal transformation and community engagement as action against climate change, Do Earth will offer gentle encouragement and new ways to live more earth consciously as we collectively respond to this final call for change.

Since dropping banners against Heathrow Airport's third runway from the roof of the Houses of Parliament, Tamsin has consistently shifted public conversation on the climate and ecological emergency. A founding member of Extinction Rebellion, they have organized (and been arrested for) a number of high-profile protests, co-founded a Suffragette-inspired environmental group called Climate Rush, formed The Commons political party, coordinated (the successful) Save England's Forests coalition, and led global corporate campaigns as Head of Global Campaigns at Lush Cosmetics. Tamsin is the author of RUSH! The Making of a Climate Activist (Marion Boyars, 2009). They are based in London.