Division 6 - Business Card Sequencer (Assembled with Enclosure)

Division 6

  • $90.00

Division 6 - Business Card Sequencer  (Assembled with Enclosure)

The Division 6 packs a lot of sequencer into a tiny package! This 16-step circuit can work as a sequencer or as a handheld keyboard.


  • 16 steps
  • Clock in and clock out (1 V/O)
  • Gate out
  • Run button: start or stop the sequence
  • Reset button
  • 3 octave range (C=1V/2V/3V)
  • Rest step: holds the previous note and does not fire the gate
  • Loop step: change the number of steps in the sequence
  • Optional case


  • Power In: 7-15VDC, tip positive through a 3.5mm jack. Find a voltage source on your synth to power it if you can! A 9V battery or AC adapter will work too.

Check out the user manual HERE.

The assembly instructions can be found HERE.

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