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Candle - Love Ritual

Crowfoot Collective

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Candle - Love Ritual 10oz


Hand poured soy and coconut wax candles, in a reusable glass vessel. Hand blended Scents, Inspired by the secret and sacred places hidden for thousands of years on Vancouver Island.

All fire is sacred, but these are especially so.

This beautiful candle is inspired by Imbolc, a festival of Light, which became Valentines Day, a festival of Love. This candle is inspired by both, a Union of Love and of Light. There is a stirring of life, a quickening in the Earth, an awakening that we intrinsically feel in our bones. We are ready to leave the resting period of winter behind and begin looking to the returning of the Light. Spring.

It is time to let go of the past and to look to the future, clearing out the old, making both outer and inner space for new beginnings. This Ritual Candle is meant to clear the mind and heart and allow love and new life to enter for the coming cycle.

We wanted to create a scent that was as mysterious as it was beautiful. Completely unisex, balanced, Yin and Yang. A union of the Masculine and divine Feminine. Love. We blended notes of Charred Oak, Amber, Vanilla Bourbon Extract and Honey Absolute to create a rich, deep, enveloping and soft base note. Sensual Rose Otto, Rose Damascena, and Nootka Rose Absolute mingle with honeyed Ginger, and Dark, Sensual Ylang Ylang for a warm, sultry scent.

A burst of Pink Pepper and an incredibly gorgeous in-house Lilac Absolute finish off this deep, sultry scent with a spark of fizzy joy. A beautiful, complex, sweet, spicy blend. Our version of a Love Spell.
We have chosen Plant Allies that allow you to rest your mind, body and soul, and relax into love.

To open the Heart Chakra, and let love into your life. Love of all types. Platonic Love, Self Love, and Romantic Love. Whether you are a long-married couple or a new love interest, ignite an electric attraction between you, creating a passionate experience. Enchant each other by awakening the sensuality hidden deep within. If you are searching for a relationship, try burning this Candle and manifest the type of partner you wish to have. A partner as deserving of you as you are of them.

The hand gathered Herbs and Botanical Plant allies in these candles are alive with magic. Jasmine Flowers and Lilac to bring in love, protection and happiness. Honey Absolute enables you to release blocks from your energy at a deep level. It can allow you to let go of the past and move on with your life, make powerful changes and transform your life. Oak and Benzoin resin for protection of the soul and their beautiful, uplifting and energizing energies.

These beautiful hand poured soy candles help to clear and protect your energy and realign your vibrations. Each of these candles are handcrafted using essences of locally grown Plants and Botanicals. The Plants are locally distilled by hand to create Floral Waters and Essential Oils, which are mixed with a blend of organic, ethically sourced Essential Oils, Absolutes and Plant Based Fragrances to create our beautiful candles. The Blends are carefully created with Plants selected for their specific medicines, and are then infused with crystals to heal your soul, strengthen your connection to Self and Spirit, and manifest your desires and dreams.

The Gemstones we have chosen are incredibly powerful stones for Love, Healing, and Protection. Not only of yourself but of your Space, especially your bedroom. Draw in love in all its forms, and create a beautiful spark in any relationship with this beautiful Ritual Candle.

Made in Canada

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