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Candle - Forest Bathe Ritual

Crowfoot Collective

  • $42.00

Candle - Forest Bathe Ritual 10oz

The Forest Bathe Candle is inspired by the Salt Soaked, Forested Beaches of Ucluelet. The Traditional Territory of the Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ. Here, deep, dense, dark forests march down to craggy beaches with white sand and black rock. Truly unmistakable, and one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The Power and Majesty of the foaming sea crashing on the rocks, tossing logs onto the sand, will take your breath away. Tangy, Brackish Seaweed flung onto beaches, draped in low hanging cedar branches. Ferns glistening with Dew and slippery, salt-soaked, wind-blown grasses. We blended Deep, Rich, Healing Cedar and Balsam to create a Mossy and Woodsey base note with sweet herbal nuances, capturing the rich earthiness of the Forest Floor, coated in leaves and springy moss. Balanced by bright, honeyed Neroli, citrusy and sweet. Dewy, aquatic Fern, sweet Cowichan Vanilla Leaf and the lush, fruity creaminess of Coconut round out this beautifully rich scent. Relax, release. Let it all go

Made in Canada

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