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Beyaz Kelebekler - Koln Session 1976 LP - MeMe Antenna

Beyaz Kelebekler - Koln Session 1976 LP

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Beyaz Kelebekler - Koln Session 1976 LP (Pharawy Sounds)

Famous for their matching, colorful suits and always-happy smiles, Beyaz Kelebekler ("White Butterflies") were a mixed-gender Turkish band very popular during the '70s. They released one album plus numerous 45s in Turkey and other countries like Holland and Italy. In 1976 during the last day of their European tour, just after one gig in Cologne, Beyaz Kelebekler visited a studio of a friend which was still in construction. They decided to record a few songs, just for fun and for testing the new studio equipment. It was a very basic, one-take recording, using an eight-channel mixer, a few mics, and a reel-to-reel tape machine. The result was an amazing example of Anatolian psych-funk, featuring wah-fuzz guitar, flute, heavy drums, joyous male/female vocals... Unreleased until now, Pharaway Sounds present the first ever release of these surprising recordings, rescued from the only surviving cassette tape. Includes color insert with photos.