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Synthrotek MST Low Pass VC Filter (Demo)


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Condition: Demo (Store Display). Tested and fully functional.

-- Assembled Eurorack Module --

The MST Low Pass Filter is a precision analog dual slope output 2 & 4 pole filter. Simultaneous -12 DB and -24 DB outputs with CV control over all parameters. Can be used as a 1V/O sine wave oscillator

- Manual control of cutoff frequency
- Manual Control of Resonance (Q)
- 1V/O input for clean sine wave output
- CV Frequency input w/ attenuator
- Resonance CV input w/ attenuator
- Audio input
- Simultaneous -12 db and -24 db/octave outputs

- Current draw: V+ max 23.5mA, V- max 15.5mA
- Width: 6HP 
- Depth: 3.5cm (1.75 in)