Benidub PHASE - 12-Stage all-analog optical stereo phaser

Benidub Music Equipment

  • $420.00

Benidub PHASE - 12-Stage all-analog optical stereo phaser

100V-240V External Power Supply included


As any other BENIDUB device, Phase is precisely built with high quality components for a complex and organic sound. The optical-based design not only ensures the best signal/noise ratio for a phaser circuit but also provides the iconic old-school timbre we all love.

PHASE can be used as a 12-stage mono or a 6-stage stereo phaser. We designed it as a playable feature, allowing you to switch between the two modes with the Mode Select, clickless control. Not just a “setting”, but a tool to build new phasing effect possibilities.

While designing PHASE we kept our easy-to-use, performance oriented philosophy. PHASE comes in a tank-built enclosures with every control you’ll ever need on board, making it an extremely playful stompbox.


Old school mojo with a modern twist on versatility and sound quality

PHASE is an analog optical phaser, featuring 12-stage in mono and 6-stage when used in stereo. You can switch between the two modes with the “Mode Select” control any time. We made it completely clickless, allowing you to flawlessly switch mode during your set! This unique control provides even more playability and a wide range of phaser tones.

100% analog audio path for subtle-to-extreme true phasing colors and tones

Unlike many other phasers in the market, designed after guitar-frequencies needs, Benidub’s PHASE has been built with a “studio” oriented design in mind, making it the best phaser for either producers and musician. From studio-standard headroom to balanced connections, everything is designed to improve sound quality while granting a smooth and precise excursion along a wide frequency spectrum.

Download the user manual here