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Cassette PACT-012 - Marter & Yony: Rhythm Matter - MeMe Antenna

Cassette PACT-012 - Marter & Yony: Rhythm Matter

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Release Date: 9/14/2018

Cassette version of Marter & Yony "Rhythm Matter" with DL code

Ferric Tape (Normal)
Dolby: YES

A1: Spy 05:50 
A2: Level 13 05:21 
A3: Cosmic Dance 05:20 
A4: High Wind 04:28 
B1: Alpha Wave 05:54 
B2: Palm's Dream 04:48 
B3: Reel to Real DUB 04:07 
B4: Fung-Ku 04:41

Japanese Reggae / Dub duo based in Nagano, Japan & Brooklyn, NY. Mater (Bass) & Yony (Drums) recorded on cassette & 1/4" tapes back in 2011 at Studio b.p.m. Brooklyn. Digital album was released from Bill Laswell's label MOD Technolog and now on cassette. 

Lo-Fi Spacey Dub meets Basic Channel / Rhythm & Sound & King Tubby

Produced by Marter & Yony
Marter & Yony: Masateru Yamauchi (Bass, Keys & Synth) & Yoshio Kobayashi (Drums, Percussion, Keys & Synth on track B2)

Jody Tenku Miyashita: Electric Guitar
 on (A2, B1)
Yusuke Yamamoto: Synth on (A3, B1)
Daniel Jodocy on (B4)

Recorded onto Analog Cassette Tapes / Reel to Reel by Yoshio Kobayshi at Studio b.p.m. Brooklyn NY.
Additional over dubbing by Masateru Yamauchi at Monkey Hill Studio, Studio, Tengaku, Nagano, Japan.
DUB effects by Yoshio Kobayashi & Hideyuki Waki

Mixed & Mastered by Hideyuki Waki (ConcentNY)

Artwork by Mari Ayabe & Namiko Ishikawa