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Space Jam - Early Morning / Late Afternoon (Cassette)

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Space Jam - Early Morning/Late Afternoon Cassette


A close friend, rabble-rousing DJ and all around v-i-b-e aficionado, Space Jam approaches the line to knock down two distinct, classy aF sides for her SUSMIX02 mixtape entry. As a co-host on one of The Lot Radio's best programs every Monday morning with fellow SUSMIX selector, Kroba, as well as a founding member of probably our favorite crew of DJs ever, TURRBOTAX, we're in good hands on the soothing, bumping, exceedingly fun Early Morning / Late Afternoon

Channeling the warm, exploratory atmosphere of her radio show, Early Morning on side A weaves together an intricately layered tapestry of fuzzed out harmonies, ambient synth vistas and sunrise seances to ease even the grumpiest of bears into a pleasant, third eye-opening awakening. 

On the flip, Space Jam kicks into a higher gear with a deep dive into her dance record collection, soundtracking the Late Afternoon backyard BBQ with a no-nonsense set of house, disco and boogie that's destined to bring out the diva in you.