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Paul St.Hilaire: Peculiar False Tuned

False Tuned

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"Paul St. Hilaire's new 12' release 'Peculiar' for his label False Tuned sets the mood from the start: a punchy riddim, yet taken at an almost casual if not nonchalant tempo. Backed up by a heavily accented bass in the title track, Tiki's music is as always relaxed and pulsating, yet demonstrates a remarkable interplay between instruments and voice. Of course this feeling is one instantly recognisable from past musical works with Rhythm & Sound for Burial Mix and for False Tuned. By the time one gets to 'Office,' Tiki's energetic and smooth dubby style just gets to one's inner feelings -- the version escalating into a heady nearly psychedelic dubwise brew. This unusual scenario persists onto side two as a short kaleidoscope of sounds serves as the intro to 'Jah Love,' and proceeds to a fine one-drop vocal dub song. This is reggae and dub of the highest grade, with meticulous production and mixing standards with plenty of room for wandering and taking in the subtle underfloor sounds. New songs from an artist with an upful and positive glimpse into the future of reggae and dub."

A1 Percular
A2 Office
B1 Jah Love