Cassette Collection ESP-Disk’ - Albert Ayler: Spiritual Unity - Limited Edition

Personal Affair

  • $11.00

ESP-Disk’ Cassette Collection: 

Albert Ayler Trio "Spiritual Unity" Limited Edition Cassette Album (PAESP-001)

Limited edition chrome cassette tape with Dolby, special sleeve include a bonus track.

Side A
1. "Ghosts: First Variation"
2. "The Wizard"
3. "Spirits"

Side B
4. "Ghosts: Second Variation"
5. "Vibrations" (bonus track)

Dolby: Yes

Personal Affair is proud to announce “ESP-Disk’ Cassette Collection,” an officially licensed release from the Brooklyn based legendary Jazz label, ESP-Disk’, founded by Bernard Stollman. This is the first cassette release of ESP's back catalogue. The first release (PAES-P001) from the collection is Albert Ayler Trio's “Spiritual Unity,” ESP’s first recording session from 1964. The release includes a bonus track “Vibrations” and comes in a limited edition special packaging.


Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone; Gary Peacock, bass; Sunny Murray, percussion.


Spiritual Unity, recorded on July 10, 1964, is the album that made Albert Ayler and ESP-Disk' famous (or, in some people’s eyes/ears, infamous). Mr. Ayler had already recorded in Europe and, in February ’64, in New York, but this was the first album where neither he nor his collaborators held back. It was also ESP's first jazz recording.

Spiritual Unity presented a new improvisation paradigm: looser structure, less regard for standard pitch, and no obligation to present a regular beat. Ayler’s sound was unprecedented, much rawer than any other jazz of the time. Sometimes it was expressed in squalls of untempered sound, sometimes in outbursts of poignant spontaneous melody. Meanwhile, under and around the leader’s unfettered self-expressions, bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Sunny Murray reinvented the roles of their instruments. 

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