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Burning Spear - Travelling LP

Clocktower Records

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Burning Spear - Travelling LP

Cat: CTLP 858

A1: Burning Spear - Travelling
A2: Burning Spear - Walking In Dub
A3: Agustus Pablo* - Foggy Road Version
A4: Agustus Pablo* - Foggy Road - Melodica
A5: Johnny Clarke - Creation Rebel
A6: Tappa Zukie* - Ital Pot
B1: King Tubby - Creation Dub
B2: Johnny Clarke - He's Green And Gold
B3: Ronnie Davis - Tradition Song
B4: King Tubby - A Traditional Dub
B5: Agustus Pablo* - Mount Of Olives Dub (Marcus Garvey Version)
B6: Uprising* - Pestilence
B7: Tower All Star* - Good Dub

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